Formalization requirements

The following documents are to be submitted to the Editorial Board:

  • scanned review by the specialist in this field of science, signed and sealed, including reviewer’s degree indication (download);
  • scanned extract from the department meeting report, signed by the Head of the Department (download);
  • participant registration form (download);
  • an article, prepared in according to the rules of article formalizationin electronic form;
  • scanned receipt confirming the payment of the article's publication.

Formalization requirements


  • A clear statement of the purpose and justification of the novelty of the research.
  • Knowledge of literature, including the latest, on the subject of studies.
  • All the data should have links to initial sources, which are to be listed in the bibliography; pictures and tables are to be numbered and titled. Authors are responsible for the use of the data, not intended for open publication, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Material submitted for publication must be original, not published previously in other publications, thematically appropriate for the journal.

The article must contain the following obligatory elements:

1. Title of the article in Russian and English.

2. Review (3-5 sentences) in Russian and English.

3. Keywords (3-6 words/word combinations) in Russian and English.

4. Bibliography in the end of the article. Quoted literature links are numbered in the order of mentioning. In the text, serial number of link is enclosed in square brackets. The bibliography is placed at the end of the article and executed without the indentation in accordance with National State Standard (GOST) R 7.0.5-2008.

5. Number of references in the bibliography on the own sources should not exceed three.

6. Information about all the authors - surname, name, patronymic (in full), academic degree, academic rank, full name of the scientific or educational institution and its subdivisions, `as well as the author’s email address.

7. Specialty code, which corresponds to the article, according to the HAC (VAK) nomenclature (view).

8. Mathematical and chemical symbols in formulas and equations, subscripts and superscripts in the text and figures are typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. Each equation (if the equation takes several lines, each line separately) is typed in the same as the text editor or made in the form that does not contain blank fields of separate inserts with center alignment. Parts of formulas should not be outlined.

9. You should follow the IUPAC recommended measurement units and terminology. All the used symbols and acronyms are to be expanded. Fractional parts of numbers are separated with a dot. It is not allowed to use the literary data, which is not discussed in the text, in tables.

10. 4 pictures maximum can be included. Maximum picture size is 9x15cm. Pictures should be suitable for the direct reproduction. Pictures may include short unaccentuated numeric or alphabetic designations (numbered starting from left to right or clockwise), typed using a relevant font. The size of any notations on the pictures is in the range of 14-16pt. The picture format should exclude significant free areas. A picture number should be placed under the picture frame at a distance of not less than 1.5cm. Picture captions are as follows: the word "Pic." («Рис.»), a space, the picture number digits, a dash, a space, the name with a capital letter (no dot at the end of the sentence). Using of pictures aims to make an understanding of the presented materials more clear.

11. The tables are to be presented in the following form: the word "Table" («Таблица») in the upper left corner without indentation, a space, table number digits (if more than one), a dash, a space, the name with a capital letter. Cell content should be placed in the center. If a table takes more than one page, an additional column numbering line is to be placed on the first page under the table header. Next pages begin with the words: “Continuation of a table (a space, number, a dot)”. Then, a column numbering line is placed. Tables that take less than one page should not be separated. Cell and table size should be minimized. A table should contain only necessary digital data. Measurement units, accuracy etc. are to be indicated.

Registration form, an extract from the department meeting report, a review made by a specialist and a payment receipt should be enclosed.

Materials are to be sent to the Editorial Board via email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Phone number: 8 (843) 216-30-35.

Royalties for publication are not provided.

Text format requirements:

  • Microsoft Word text editor;
  • font Times New Roman 14 pt;
  • one-and-a-half line spacing;
  • margins: left — 3 cm .; the rest — 2 cm.;
  • manuscript length of at least 6 and no more than 15 sheets.

The file should be titled as follows: the first symbols are the code of specialty on which you want to publish an article, other symbols — name in Latin (ex: 231petrov.doc).
The code, which corresponds to the article, can be viewed (here).
Download an example of the article formalization.

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